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What we are doing in regards to COVID-19

Dear Joy d' Fleur Customers,

Due to the fact that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now spread by community transmission, we ask that if you are in any form unwell, have a cold or the flu that you do not come into the store. We are still able to help you by taking your order over the phone (9409-4253) or by ordering online at

We are a small business that can not afford to get sick as we have our staff and our respective families, that include young children and our parents, to think about. We value your understanding in this matter and thank you in advance.

What we are doing to protect our clients.

Cleaning - We are disinfecting the shop every night before closing as well as cleaning measures during the day.
We are practicing social distancing, and therefore ask that none of our clients come behind the reception desk or into the back area where we are working. As it is a small shop, we will be moving our flower selection to the back of the shop so that we are able to select flowers for you and still practice social distancing.
We are now practicing contactless delivering. This means we will still do our deliveries as per normal but instead of waiting for the receiver to open the door we will place the item by the door ring the bell and return to the car, we will wait to see if anyone is home and in the event that they are not we will leave a calling card as per our usual practice.

We thank you for your understanding and please keep supporting us as well as other small businesses during this uncertain time.

Yours sincerely
Colette Austin - Owner

Joy d’ Fleur