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Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

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Monstera deliciosa, or commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant.  It is native to Southern Mexico, and can be found in tropical rainforests stretching from Mexico down to Panama. In Australia it is considered a house plant and fairly easy to maintain however they do need space to grow.

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Position – Where you put your Monstera will determine how healthy it will be. Place your Monstera in a room that is bright but has plenty of shade from the sun, not in direct sunlight. It is best suited to indoor temperature between 18-27 degrees Celsius with average to high humidity, Indoor heating and cooling tend to dry out the air, so be sure to mist the leaves once a week or more if necessary. If you want your Monstera to feature leaves on all sides make sure you rotate your pot every week so it grows out evenly in all directions. If left facing a single direction the leaves will face one direction which is great if you want to place your Monstera against a wall.

Water – During Summer (peak growing season) water your plant when 2-5 cm of the topsoil is dry. During winter, water when the top 7-12 cm is dry. Plant growth slows during this time and require less care. When watering, be sure to saturate the soil and allow for drainage. Remove the excess water from the bottom tray to avoid over-watering your plant. It is a good idea to use a water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks, to keep your plant healthy and nourished.

Soil – Plant your Monstera in a larger pot, to allow for growth, with good drainage. Peat moss-based soil with sand is best, however a good quality potting soil with peat moss will do the trick as well.

Maintenance: Re-pot your Monstera every year or two, increasing the size of the pot to allow for growth. Once you have reached the size you would like to keep your monstera refresh the topsoil every year. Every 3 years your plant needs a cut and trim to keep it to a size that you are comfortable with. When cutting make a notch above the aerial root node. You can replant the cuttings to grow more plants 

Growing Tips

  • Yellowing Leaves - A sign of over-watering. If you notice your leaves begin to lose their green color, reduce watering.
  • Brown Edges or Tips - If the tips or edges of your leaves are turning brown the air is too dry and humidity is low. Increase how often you are misting your plant and keep an eye on room tempretures.
  • No Slits or Holes - New leaves that do not form slits or holes mean your plant is lacking in light, water, or proper nutrients.

Not Safe for Pets-The Monstera Deliciosa is not safe for pets. The plant produces a poisonous sap that is toxic to dogs and cats. Chewing on this plant can cause digestive issues, irritation to the mouth, lips, and throat of your pet and excessive drooling.